6 stoners and a elevator

So. What happens when you get 6 stoners together in a old art studio? One hysterical night.

Edy, Rock, Patricia, Ethan and I went to Dar's place the other day. Well, her apartment is in a huge old art studio. Can we say big, fun, and somewhat spooky?

After chilling in her room for awhile, she tells us how her building use to be a art studio. We just had to have a adventure. So, we grabbed our stuff, discussed how we were the new scooby gang *mmm doobie snacks*, and headed for the elevator. Fun times fun times

We get in the hallway, Edy's smoking a cigarette, when we see a no smoking sign. So she puts it out. Then the elevator door opens and we get in. What do we see when we get in there? a huge "Smoking allowed here" sign. In the Elevator! I have never seen a elevator that allowed smoking!

we all pile in to the elevator, and push the button. While waiting patiently for it to descend *patiently... heh heh heh*  Dar realizes, oh snap, she didn't have any keys! The Elevator only went back up with keys. So we all freaked out for a few moments *mind you, the elevator had been going down for about... 10 minutes now* Dar started for the open door button, and the rest of us were screaming " NO DON'T OPEN THE ELEVATOR DOOR. WE DON'T WANT TO BE STUCK BETWEEN FLOORS"

Well... She opened it, all of us holding our breaths...

and suddenly, BOOM. we had  never even left the floor. All this time in the elevator * I swear, it had been moving!" and it never moved. None of us knew the elevator was broken.

Later, Edy and I went back to the Elevator *we had to get pictures with the Smoking allowed here sign.. PP ended up video taping that*

but wow. That's what you get when you mix 6 crazy stoners with a elevator.

We did finally end up getting to the basement to see artwork, but it was dark, and ehhh I don't do reallllllly dark without at least some sort of light

Yea... We had a lot of adventures the past couple of Days.

Edy and Rock rule yo.

OH OH OH! I almost died. Seriously. 
Waterfall + Mary = Disaster.

again, OH OH OH! Hanzel Und Gretyl in 9 days!
$20. Penny Arcade. Dj Dangler is spinning *which means it will be a AMAZING show  ^_^*
Sunday the 15th



I'm so lost..

 I'm not sure if I'm ready for a relationship yet

I mean, I want one, I thought I was ready

but now, it's so difficult. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say.

we are two totally different people. I'm never sure of what I'm doing.

I'm confused and lost. and it's dragging me down

the pain would be worse without him though. I like him so much.

just why does it have to be so hard?

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let's see.. work went well.

then I ran to walmart to get my paint brushes, that was ok. Get to the mall, saw carolyn, got my stuff back from her

mind you, I look like a total doof, yay work clothes!

then get home, and well, will you look at that! theres a note on the computer


Went walking to bakery to find you - safe, I hope. It's 7:00. phone is out of order


what the hell woman?!?!1 what part of "I'm going to walmart and the mall after work" do you not get?!?!?!

so I had to drive my happy ass to the bakery, and she's sitting out front.

son of a bitch, that ruined my day

and my phone isn't working, so I can't call Matt.

granted, I get to see him tommorrow, but still!

though, that thought makes me feel a little better.

he's coming in tommorrow before I have to go to work, so I can rape him then go in. hehehehe


 Matt is coming up tommorrow, and will be here till sunday or monday. YAYYY!

we are hitting up vertex friday and saturday. :D

so, if you haven't met him yet, and want to meet him, go then

Melinda... Imma keel you. :( hehehe
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So. here's a update

I got a new pet. His name is Matt.

Miss Melinda hooked us up, and let's just say, I am one of the happiest girls right now.

he treats me like I'm a Goddess, and he's so adorable! I can play dress up with him, so it's going to be amazing


not to mention, he's funny, makes me smile, he's gorgeous. yeaaaaa Mary's got a huge crush


 us dancing ^_^
awww. we are precious. and I got angel wings made out of balloons! so there was a guy who could make ANYTHING out of balloons. I wanted angel wings :D thanks Melinda for this great picture.



so. 7 days till the Marilyn Manson concert

and right now, I'm suffering with a sprained wrist, and a really bad illness.

I'm so sick right now. I can't breath, I can't eat, I can't talk. my throat hurts, my chest hurts, my back hurts, my arm hurts, my head hurts, my stomach hurts.

UGH :(

I can't wait for the concert though

OH! and for the few people who actually read my journal, if you haven't heard, I am finally not single anymore. I am now dating Earl. He's so cute, and and and yea. He loves to cuddle, and hes so funny. He's a bit psychotic but I like that.

I really like him already.

12 days till Voltaire with Melinda and Matt


I is in Maryland, on my brothers computer right now. It's fun I guess

I'm glad I did come here, because my brother and I are actually getting along. nieces and nephew are bugging me, but thats a obvious outcome. 

Mom and I talked a lot, I told her about my feelings about moving back in. she was hurt, but I'm going to do it anyways. I love my mom, and I don't like her hurting, so if I have to deal with living with her, so be it. its only for a short time right? right.

well anyways, getting off. just wanted to give a short update to all 2 of you that actually read my journal. well, I think 2, I never get any comments, but ya know. its a journal. diaries aren't meant to be read. 


that one song, 525,600 minutes is stuck in my head
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moving.. AGAIN

so I  was told today that I'm moving again. 

My mom is coming home with me from Maryland, and we are moving into this new place on Bonesteel. Kinda sad, because I was enjoying living with ethan

no more random parties

no more booty calls at weird hours

no more smoking in the house

this is going to suck

I mean, I miss my mom and all, but I love living on my own, I love having a roomate, I love having responsibility. living with my mom is going to mean having rules again. having her bug and nag me.

I'm not looking forward to that

but ya, going to Maryland for a week, gotta go to bed. I have to wake up in like, 5 hours.




I wanna throw a party, but I've never thrown one before. sides, I'd have to do it either today or tommorrow.