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iwetmyundieroos's Journal

24 May 1988
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My name is Mary, I live in Rochester NY. yadda yadda yadda.
:wumpscut:, and one, androgyny, apoptygma berzerk, assemblage 23, assemblage23, bauhaus, bdsm, beborn beton, bella morte, bigod 20, bile, bondage, camouflage, candy, candy jewelry, christian death, clan of xymox, clarissa explains it all, clothes, clubbing, colony 5, combat boots, concerts, corsets, covenant, cruxshadows, dancing, darkstarlings.com, das ich, daydreaming, decoded feedback, dismantled, dj'ing, dj-ing, dreads, ebm, fake hair, feindflug, fishnet, fishnets, front 242, front line assembly, frontline assembly, fuckthemainstream, funker vogt, future-pop, german industrial, glitter, god module, godhead, hair dye, hair extensions, hanzel und gretyl, harsh ebm, haujobb, hello kitty, industrial clubs, industrial music, informatik, invader zim, joy division, juno reactor, kraftwerk, latex, liquid eyeliner, long hair, metropolis records, ministry, movement magazine, music, neuroticfish, new york, nitzer ebb, ny, ohgr, orgy, party monster, pete and pete, peter murphy, photography, piercings, placebo, plastic hair, platform boots, porcelain black, project pitchfork, pvc, razed in black, rivetheads, rochester, seabound, skinny puppy, stars, stephen lynch, stickers, suicide commando, switchblade symphony, synthetic dreads, synthetic hair, synthpop, system syn, terrorfakt, the cruxshadows, the cure, upstate new york, uv reactive, vampirefreaks, vampirefreaks.com, velvet acid christ, vertex, vinyl, vnv nation, wolfsheim, writing, wumpscut, x-marks the pedwalk, x-sister z, zeromancer